Inanimately | Nicolette MinsterLeft – Nicolette Minster. Photo – Laurence James Photography

Comedy performer self-professed ‘oversharer’ Nicolette Minster has put together a show that wanders into the realm of objectum sexuals – people who fall in love with objects. It’s a thing – and Minster wonders out loud in Inanimately if her lifelong attachment to Blue Blanky mightn’t lead to more serious episodes of besottedness with other objects, a ladder, for example? A ladder would be supportive, after all, and willing to take things one step at a time… We hear the sad tale of Erica Eiffel, who moved on from her love affair with the Berlin Wall to a public commitment to the Eiffel Tower in 2007. She also apparently rather publically consummated the relationship which led her being banished from ascending the tower. Very sad.

Directed by Heath McIvor (aka Randy), Inanimately is a satisfyingly amusing, gently funny show. It trips down tried and true comedic garden paths, self-deprecation, ‘outsiderhood’, romantic failure, lack of experience and confidence, all the usual, and it’s packed full of quirky details that finally meld together to make up a story of sorts. The laughs are mostly in the delivery of anecdotes and flights of fancy rather than gags. We get jars of pickles, a boxing match and the odd daggy one-liner. The show is nicely rounded off with the conclusion to the pickles story. Minster has got the works: good timing, and the pacing is varied, she had a solid background of training as an actor which is put to good use; she also brings in a cute bit of physical comedy and a few props so Inanimately doesn’t rely entirely on her talking.

Minster is a thoroughly likeable young woman who’s confident on stage. In her comedic approach she reminds me of Lou Sanz. Although there’s nothing ground-breaking here, Minster is an appealing stage presence and is doing well for herself in comedy, having performed in last year’s Fringe with Girls Interrupted, and is a presence on ABC2, 7mate's KINNE and is heard on Nova FM.

Nicolette Minster

Directed by Heath McIvor

Venue: Lithuanian Club (Son Of Loft) – 44 Errol St, North Melbourne
Dates: 19 September – 4 October, 2014
Times: Tues – Sat 10:15pm, Sun 9:15pm
Tickets: $21 Full, $16 Concession, Tuesdays and Grps 4+
Bookings: 03 9660 9600 |

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