Notoriously Yours | Five Point OneThe poster pretty much says it all. The Casablance-esque forewarns of unrequited love and in this noir-style thriller the stage is set: who is stalking who and what happens when you fall in (and in love) with the world of espionage.

A clever if somewhat occasionally affected narrative, the story is contemporary and addresses the topical subject of information and power and their uneasy relationship in a world where everything is accessible – by someone.

She meets He. Obviously via an app with no strings attached. Familiar enough but somebody is watching. This time it’s the Australian intelligence. A one night-stand with her whistleblower Edward Snowden-esque lover results in her becoming a target not just because of her amorous dabblings but as the story reveals she is the daughter of a Croatian war criminal who came to reside in the country after the war. And so with several nods to the silver screen and the power of mobile technology Van Badham spins her web of magic across fifty minutes of fast-paced international intrigue.

In addition, the use of technology is woven considerately into the narrative (and thankfully avoids the gimmicky tendencies prevalent in many other productions) performances are taut, sophisticated and although there are occasional moments of obscurity, the plot propels itself dissolving in an ambiguous ending.

Ultimately this appropriation of Hitchcock’s Notorious has a chillingly sleek aesthetic. Both through its glamorous cast and suave use of digital technology to examine the current state of surveillance. Unfortunately, but it lacks the critique, especially towards the end to create a drama of true substance.

Five Point One presents
Notoriously Yours

Venues: C venues - C south (Venue 58) | Edinburgh UK ​
Date: 25 Aug 2014

Part of the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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