S | CircaThe letter “S” is the19th letter of the English alphabet; represented by a line which curves on top to the right and on the bottom to the left, therefore it is probably also the most balanced letter. The “S” can be perceived as sensuous as well, sophisticated, even a bit dangerous, and in this particular case it is the inspiration behind Circa’s powerful piece work, S, which the Brisbane-based circus troupe, performed at the Darebin Arts Centre last night.

On a dark stage void of props, a lone female figure is barely visible, as it contorts to the rhythm of slow and heavy breathing. The bit of light which originates from a solitary lightbulb above her, highlights her body’s curves as she continues to bend and slither, possibly in pain, or perhaps in ecstasy, until she is met by another woman, who interacts by undulating and projecting raw feeling with her, giving the impression that she is almost “saving” her, from whatever turmoil she was experiencing all by herself in the dark.

As the light grows, so does the number of performers, and S begins to unfold before the curious eyes of its audience. The onstage enthusiasm becomes amplified, the strength of the performers’ executions, the intensity of the music and lights do as well.

The moves displayed on the stage by Circa at first appear to be random, but like a mound of raw materials spread on a work surface can resemble a messy pile, until the pieces are bent into an intertwined family of reeds which support one another until they form a beautiful basket, so too the presumably arbitrary motions performed by the Circa troupe, eventually reveal a carefully orchestrated set of organic actions which evoke utter awe from its spectators.

What S delivers is not your run-of-the-mill circus production. Yes, there are acrobatics, hula hoops and elaborate flips in the mix, but much like their other shows, what Circa presents always surpasses what one expects to see, when “circus arts” is mentioned.

In an elaborate mix of modern dance featuring daring lunges, balancing acts and passionate embraces, S projects powerful emotions into the audience like energy laden invisible waves, conveying human strength and emotion.

Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy presents
Circa’s S

Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre, Preston
7:30pm, Tuesday 27 – Thursday 29 May, 2014
Tickets from $28.00
For tickets and more information www.darebinarts.com.au/speakeasy or call 03 8470 8280

Frankston Arts Centre Wednesday 14 May
Gasworks Arts Park Friday 16 – Saturday 17 May

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