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With veteran dance stars Damien Welch & Marc Cassidy on the bill of Stephen Agisilaou’s latest creation The White Prince, expectations of the production are set very high.

Known for their dramatic, fiery and incredible choreography, Vertical Shadows has become one of the breakout contemporary dance companies in the past five years. This is no easy feat (pardon the pun) and is mostly due to Agisilaou and his creative teams’ incredible choreography, musical choices and high caliber dancers that grace the stage.

The White Prince is perhaps the most adventurous piece undertaken by the company. Darker than his previous works, Agisilaou has set this latest performance within one of the most dangerous places of all, the imagination.

A huge stage lit by candles and incense immediately evokes religious undertones and Agisilaou uses his fantastic story telling techniques to immediately sweep the audience into another world, into a state of being completely new and at times frightening.

One of the most wonderful things about The White Prince is that there are three generations of dancers on the stage; from Australian dance heroes Welch and Cassidy, to Sydney Dance Company’s Tegan Lowe and the country’s promising future stars Riley Fitzgerald and Joshua Hunt, Agisilaou has included them all within this stellar piece of art.

Using animation, lighting and music to drive the drama, The White Prince is at times disturbing, concerning and utterly stunning. Dance that can evoke such pure emotions in an audience, from fear, to laughter and awe is truly unique.

With a soundtrack that would be at home on a Hollywood blockbuster and fabulous visual effects, The White Prince invades all the senses to create a wonderful piece of theatre that will have you on the very edge of your seat.

Vertical Shadows presents
The White Prince

Venue: The Meat Market | 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
Dates: May16 – 24, 2014

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