Beyond | CircaCirca’s latest piece of circus genius, Beyond, had its home town audience at the Brisbane Powerhouse give the performers, and creator and director Yaron Lifschitz, an energetic and well deserved standing ovation at its Australian premier. Audiences well versed in what to expect from Circa won’t be disappointed. Beyond is full to the brim of all of Circa’s trademark spectacle and quirk communicated through stunning visuals and circus choreography that will inspire, stir and warm your soul. 

The delight in Circa’s performance and the circus vocabulary Beyond is brought to life through, is the down to earth and minimal way their work transcends the common theatrical aesthetic. Circa’s aesthetic is akin to the language of dreams and what we (non-circus physically capable folk) might experience fleetingly after we awaken. The difference between a dream and Beyond is the way the images are played out, the pace of the performance, the music and the fact that you are the spectator, captured and enthralled. You see the dream-like images of a body flying and swimming through the air deliberately and delicately dangling while threaded on silk, as a gorgeous and poignantly matched piece of music plays. A man dressed in an oversized fluffy bear costume carrying a child’s lunch box pauses to remove the head of his outfit, with every movement he adjusts his costume and after a moment he ascends a vertical pole, each trick is performed despite the added limitation of his baggy costume. Two woman in black and white leotards, high heels and large innocuous looking rabbit heads taunt the man who is about to hold, throw and manipulate a large amount of wooden blocks while balancing atop a small plank on a cylinder as the song Strangers in the Night in German plays. In each moment there is an element of the new, the unexpected, whimsy and joie de vivre. 

Beyond was created and directed by Circa’s artistic director Yaron Lifschitz and the Circa ensemble – Billie Wilson-Coffey, Bridie Hooper, Gerramy Marsden, Kathryn O’Keeffe, Paul O’Keeffe, Rudi Mineur and Skip Walker-Milne. The work and the performances are endearing and inspiring. The ensemble’s sense of play and their individual artistic styles come across and are an intrinsic part of each thread and scene within the performance. Their dynamic infects the theatre and as an audience member you can’t help but be drawn in as you watch transfixed and revel in the physical feats and capabilities of the performers.  Hearing your fellow audience members giggle and gasp adds another unique layer to experiencing a Circa performance. 

Witnessing Circa’s Beyond is witnessing some of the best Australian physical theatre and circus. This Brisbane based ensemble is in a class all of their own and it would be a shame for anyone who has every wanted to see Circa in action (or those who are already fans) to miss out while they are performing at the Powerhouse.     

Brisbane Powerhouse and Circa present

Powerhouse Theatre
30 April – 11 May, 2014
$45 – $40 | Cabaret Tables $59 – $55