Like Me, Love Me, Retweet Me | Jordana BorensztajnSocial media junkie Jordana Borensztajn does it again with a polished warm and funny show, a performance that belies the fact she’s only two years into her stand-up career. You’d never guess it from her poise. Basically, the show revolves around her social media activities, mostly facebook and twitter, and, because she is genuinely intensely engaged with social media, rather more than the average person, her show is founded in authenticity. She doesn’t need to make stuff up; it’s more about getting it in the right order. Her comedy stems from highlighting the lengths she goes to be an online presence, and the fact that she actually keeps track of the number of shares and retweets she garners gives her plenty of opportunity to use details of all and every angle of social media addiction to amusing effect.

Part of the show involved a vox pop she put together about people’s use of social media. Dressed as a big ‘like’ thumb she wandered the cbd gathering stories and discovered that there’s a tacit understanding that one presents a faux self to the world via social media; Borensztajn brings depth to her show by owning her personal need to be liked, and exploring how illusory the sensation of ‘being someone’ on the internet is – she’s able to articulate in an elegant witty and manner how social media addiction can wrench one’s life askew. She’s also having a lot of fun with it and, naturally, engaging audiences literally via her subject matter.

By expanding her performance repertoire into other areas, such as developing a show which looks at youth and social media to take to schools, Borensztajn is forging a niche career for herself, posting and tweeting while talking about posting and tweeting. She even stops her show at one point to get a member of the audience to check Katy Perry’s twitter update.

Borensztajn has warmth and charm, and she’s a confident and very likeable presence on stage. More than anything she is professional; the show is well-paced and masterful yet is delivered with heart. She offers a thoughtful and cleverly conceived show that has been polished and worked yet thrums wtih indiviuality. The jokes are tight and, refreshingly, she does it all without resorting to strong language.

2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Like Me, Love Me, Retweet Me
Jordana Borensztajn

Venue: Comedy On Collins | The Scots' Church Assembly Hall Building, 156 Collins St, Melbourne
Dates: 28 Mar – 16 Apr, 2014
Tickets: $18 – $15
Bookings: 9017 0104 |

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