A Stupid Liar | Lawrence MooneyWell known from his TV stints on ABC2’s Dirty Laundry Live and the much-loved Agony Uncles, Lawrence Mooney is that Australian personality you chuckle fondly about when considering, and (after detailed research) he sits rather comfortably on quite a few 'Inappropriate Crush' lists.

With his latest show, he's not so much A Stupid Liar as he is brutally honest about men, women and what really happens at a TV production meeting. Maybe too honest about the latter?

Hey – it's Lawrence Mooney, so there is this great desire for him to be super hilarious and come out on top after the very public roasting he received over the ABC New Year's Eve broadcast (something he touches on within the show)... but, unfortunately, this may not be that moment.

He covers a lot of stuff during his hour in the sun including (but not limited to) sex, politics, aging, in-laws and chocolate. It's all stuff that an audience can easily relate to, and he's quite adept at telling a great tale. The blow-by-blow recount of his relationship with the humble Violet Crumble was definitely a high point.

Problem is, you like to think of Lawrence Mooney as the every(wo)man's comic, but it doesn't translate so much with this show.

There are a lot of the 'Mens Problems'. Which, seeing as Mooney is a man could be expected, but it's also somewhat alienating for a goodly portion of audience members with XX chromosomes. Especially when women seem to be the cause of ALL the woes for ALL the mens. Marriage, babies and then the despair of being trapped... forever. Carefully remove your manhood, put it in a snaplock bag and place it in the cupboard out of the reach of the kids; you won't be needing it again. Oh! And please also pop any free will you had in there too. 'kay?

It's an oldie, but maybe in need of an upgrade?

It's never going to be highbrow comedy when you have dog poo in the mix, but A Stupid Liar does deliver some laughs – mostly during the moments when bodily functions weren't front and centre.

With the same infamous clippers he used to manscape himself applied to certain parts of the show, it would definitely be a lot more pleasing on the eye.

A List Entertainment presents
Lawrence Mooney is A Stupid Liar

Venue: Melb Town Hall – Mini Main | Cnr Swanston & Collins Sts, Melbourne
Dates: 27 Mar – 12 April, 2014
Tickets: $22 – $31
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013

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