Puppet Up: Uncensored | Henson Alternative"PUPPET UP!!"

If you get along to see this one during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, that opening line will make all sorts of sense. If you don't, you're missing out. Because... well... Muppets! Anyone who doesn't love a Muppet has a blackened soul. 

Mind you, there are bound to be some swears and a bit of smut. It IS, after all, an uncensored night of improvised hilarity. So if anyone has issues with seeing a dewy-eyed possum exclaiming "*insert profanity here* that!" or a cute bunny rabbit pleasuring himself on stage, then maybe side-step it. 

Kids will be scarred for life. Leave them at home. No, really.

Part improvised show, part tribute to past work by the amazing Jim Henson and part audience participation, you really can't go wrong with this addition to the 2014 MICF. 

Need a bit more clarification? THIS should clear it up.

Every audience is going to get their own tailored version of this show, which is the beauty of all improvised comedy. What you get depends on the people in the audience sitting beside you, and how drunk they are... or sober, for that matter.

During this performance the audience participation was genuinely hilarious. If you've pre-booked and you're seated in the front row, count your blessings. You may just get your 15 minutes, and come away with a new acting gig to add to your CV.

Patrick Bristow is the perfect MC for the night. Irreverent, quick-witted and he's having as much fun as everyone else in the theatre, which is always a winner.

The Puppeteers, though? Oh my. Not ONLY are they improvising scenes from the random suggestions audience members lob at them (which in itself is a truly admirable talent), they're also dealing with the machinations of working the puppets, making sure they hit their mark with the cameras that are filming, AND working as an ensemble. It's impressive, to say the very least. 

Jim Henson Company members Grant Baciocco, Brian Clark, Peggy Etra, Ted Michaels, Colleen Smith and Allan Trautman hit the stage for this particular performance, and they were outstanding.

With multiple Muppets adorning the side of the stage like prizes to be won at a carnival, from the onset an audience knows Puppet Up is going to be keeper. Colourful, fast and fun, it's a 2014 MICF addition that won't disappoint. 

Did we mention the Muppets?

Melbourne International Comedy Festival proudly presents
Henson Alternative's Puppet Up!: Uncensored

Venue: Princess Theatre | 163 Spring St, Melbourne
Dates: 27 Mar – 20 Apr, 2014
Tickets: $45 – $69.90
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013

Part of the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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