As Not Seen on TV | Peter BernerWhat is so fabulous about the Brisbane Comedy Festival is how comedy loving Brisbanites get the opportunity to experience, in the intimate spaces of the Powerhouse, some of the best Australian and international comedic talents. There is such a broad line up of artists to choose from, definitely something to suit all tastes, for example, Peter Berner and his standup show As Not Seen on TV.  Peter Berner has popped up for years on a range of TV shows produced by the ABC and his quick wit and ability to deliver sarcastic asides while hosting whichever show he has been on is, something those familiar with his TV persona will identify with immediately in his standup. The extra we get to witness in As Not Seen on TV is his neuroses unleashed and in your face, the speed of his thoughts as he moves though and monologues hilariously through the myriad of subjects and sufferings of modern life, as seen through his eyes. 

There’s not much Berner doesn’t cover in this hour long show and he doesn’t waste any time getting right into the heart of all that drives him just that little bit balmy about life. Early on he confesses he hasn’t fully emotionally matured and as a result he holds onto things, things that most of us have moved on from decades ago. The result of this for him was some very funny and even a little disturbing non-medical condition happening around his rear end to which we all became privy too. Who knew he was wound so tight? He shares his frustrations regarding Sydney roads and traffic, self scanning at the supermarket checkout, airport security. We learn how ludicrous air travel safety really is and he offers a great suggestion as to how to exploit the system to your own benefit. The environment, the global economy, serial killing, the singularity, and parenting, just to name a few, are areas he delves into. He dons a range of accents, my favorite was his characterisation of Germany berating Greece for the financial mess they managed to get themselves into, which sounded a bit like a super camp Colonel Klink from Hogan’s Heroes. 

As Not Seen on TV is Berner like you’ve truly never seen him before, he’s letting it all out unfettered by the censorship rules of TV land. He’s got enough ire for everyone on just about every topic under the sun and while his ‘unhappy’ thoughts might not be manifesting themselves in his own life in the most pleasant of ways i.e via his rear end, for anyone who goes to his show, you’ll feel like a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders from laughing. There is much relating to the unique way Peter Berner experiences life.                         

Brisbane Powerhouse and present
As Not Seen On TV
Peter Berner

Venue: Turbine Studio | Brisbane Powerhouse
Dates: 11 – 16 March 2014
Tickets: $34 – $25