Uncloaked | Rosie RodiadisPerfunctory and not entertaining, Uncloaked wastes an interesting premise on a contrived cabaret that falls short of the topics it seems to be trying to satirise. It's almost story-less, inane, soulless, but worse than all of those things is that it is sluggish and boring, and doesn't have an original bone in its lifeless body.

As a distraction, it's an anxious, eager trifle, trying too hard to be funny and clever and thus it misses all its marks due to its weak, cobbled-together script. A strong draft editing could unearth a credible and cohesive tone that results in a more polished production overall. As it stands, it does not know what it wants to be and that is not a good thing. The bill states that it's a satirical cabaret fantasy. In reality, it's simply indecisive of its purpose, and the result is a tonal dissonance.

Rosie Rodiadis works hard throughout and has a wonderful idea for her cabaret. She plays Gracie, a disillusioned cloakroom attendant who dons garments left in her charge. When she tries on the clothing she adopts a different persona. Each character reveals their story and ends singing a song about their particular circumstances. Another one Bites the Dust and Falling in Love Again are readily discernible but other songs are not always easily recognisable at first.

In many respects, the show is a decidedly mediocre effort, but has one truly memorable moment – an expletive opera when Rodiadis is in fine voice and at the top of her gamebut the rest is dramatically listless and none of the characters generate much interest.

With its implausible characters and messy narrative structure, there's little to recommend about this show. In short, it's mostly a mess.

2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival
Rosie Rodiadis

Venue: Studio Theatre | Bakehouse Theatre
Dates: 24 February – 1 March, 2014
Tickets: $18 – $15
Bookings: www.bakehousetheatre.com

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