All This Time | The MagnetsLeft – Nic Doodson, CG Fraser, Andy Frost, Steve Trowell, Michael Welton and Callum McIntosh

The Magnets are a phenomenon. The audience response proved the band had made the correct choice of nomenclature. The Magnets are VERY attractive.

This show is a slick, smooth presentation of a “wall of sound” in a capella mode. The set list included classic pop numbers ranging through to songs in current radio airplay. In the mix also were Magnets original compositions, and very good they were too.

Opening with Steve Miller Band staple The Joker, the six gentlemen exhibited some tasty moves, we later learnt choreographed by the “dark destroyer” known only as, Fraser. Also a bass singer extraordinaire!

The arrangements (by Steve Trowell) were intriguing and clever, sometimes combining songs to great effect. A cool version of the popular Clap Along (because I’m happy) ignited the crowd to spontaneous applause as the first notes hit the Speigeltent.

We were introduced to further band members; Callum MacIntosh, “resident Mr Fix-it; band transport, microphones and broken hearts!” The natty, bow-tied Nick Doodson, founder of the group and Billy Booth, a beguiling red bearded newbie, alledgedly chosen because he was "half the age of the other band members.”

Whatcha Gonna Do was an amazing showcase number for percussive sound specialist Andy Frost. His ability to create a boom box of rhythmic sound, extraordinary range and variety of beat was amazing. Other members of the band showcased him, surrounding his seated “drum kit”, playing air guitar, air trumpet and backing singers. The last displaying co-ordinated rocking swings as they sang. Moves I hadn’t seen since BB King’s old time horn section.

The popular song of the moment Good Girl was enhanced by a funky rap segment from the dreadlocked Fraser, with appropriate bump and grind.

The closing gambit was a tribute to Australian rock. Six volunteers were selected and hustled onstage. Signs naming two bands were displayed, they each selected one. The Magnets then created a medley of Oz rock. Cold Chisel, The Angels, Men at Work, INXS, Savage Garden and Jet were on the menu this evening. The Magnets wove together a brilliant anthem and to add to the mix threw in a punch line exit with AC DCs Highway to Hell. It brought a rapturous audience to its feet.

Plaudits to sound whiz John Milner for a fabulous mix.

The Magnets play nightly until Sunday 10th February.

As they say, “Do yourself a favour! Go online now to book immediately!

All This Time
The Magnets

Venue: The West Australian Spiegeltent
Dates: 6 – 10 February 2014

Part of 2014 Perth Fringe World Festival

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