Death Threats (and Other Forms of Flattery) | Wau Wau Sisters A punter turned up at a The Wau Wau Sisters’ show in Brisbane armed with a knife and a bible. SO the story goes, true or not the Wau Wau Sisters get a lot of mileage out of it. 

Performed by New Yorkers Adrienne Truscott and Tanya Gagne, Death Threats and Other Forms of Flattery will gladden the hearts of lapsed catholics everywhere with its naughty first act including uniformed school girls, glittering stigmata, a mock crucifixion, references to incest and cunnilingus (yes at the same time) and much alcoholic shenanigans. Adopting good ole country diva personas they get audience members to dress up and do things they might not agree to at any other show.

Death Threats and Other Forms of Flattery is very rude, daft and there should be much, much more of this sort of thing. If their show hasn't changed much over the years it's because it works so well as it is. Rude songs, comedy, embarrassing punters and getting the audience to help take their clothes make up alternative cabaret all over the world but these two do it with verve and real hilarity. 

The Wau Wau Sisters are having the best fun with innuendo and ridiculousness. If you love circus you will get a thrill out of the Icarian Games (body balancing acts) when this couple of strong women hoist dudes twice their size in the air. The (unharnessed) aerial work towards the end of the show is impressive and powerful.

The Wau Wau Sisters are the cabaret god-daughters of performers like 90’s trail blazer artist Penny Arcade; members of a strong line of very female-camp, sexually empowered showgirls and burlesque artists going any which way all over town. The Wau Wau’s act packs a punch because of its lustiness, girls-behaving-badly joyousness. The show is nonsensical, light, extremely bawdy and funny – you may come away changed and you will definitely come away smiling.

If you think of the subversive doings of Chicks on Speed combined with elements of The Burlesque Hour you’ll get a sense of what this show is like.

Wau Wau Sisters
DEATH THREATS (and Other Forms of Flattery)

Venue: Northcote Town Hall
Dates: 18 – 22 Jan, 2014

Part of Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy 2014

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