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Dinosaurs died out when a meteor hit the earth 65 million years ago. Or, as loudly highlighted by a Fairfax Theatre full of children, 65 MILLION YEARS AGO!! One never learns anything at that age unless it’s screamed at a pitch that makes dogs bay in the distance. Life lessons. Good stuff.

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is super fun, for adults and kids alike. The audience are instructed upon entry that, given the Jurassic Park-like experience we’re about to have, the whole seating area is a Danger Zone. The front two rows are affectionately referred to as the Buffet Section and, after we’ve all learnt the defensive brace position in case of emergency, it’s learnin’ time.

But not before one last disclaimer to parents by our robust Zoo Keeper; “There WILL be children crying by the end.”  It wasn’t a lie, but the random kids from the audience who graced the stage really were some of the standouts in the show. Especially Liam. Less than a metre in height, decked out in much loved matching Dino t-shirt and shorts, bravely facing a MASSIVE carnivore with a toothache. If you couldn’t see the flickering of abject terror at times, you’d think he was a plant. 

Baby Dinos (who were mobbed in the foyer afterwards; One Direction eat your heart out), two shy and somewhat cranky Leaellynasauras, the fear-inducing Australovenator and the biggest cow of all time, the Titanosaur, all made spectacular appearances throughout the session. 

Received excitedly with little, open arms (for the most) Dinosaur Zoo is a superb excuse to watch superior puppet work unfold in front of an adoring pint-sized crowd of Dino lovers. The animals are genuinely cute and curious, and not a little terrifying at times. Select parents shielding themselves with children at certain stages throughout spoke volumes.

The Arts Centre has some great stuff on offer over the school holidays for kids. That being said, this is one that BIG kids really shouldn’t be adverse to checking out. It’s good, fun entertainment. The joy of the children is thoroughly infectious, and one actually does learn some fascinating facts about dinosaurs. Who knew??

Arts Centre Melbourne presents Erth Visual & Physical’s
Dinosaur Zoo

Venue: Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne
Dates: 7 – 19 Jan 2014
Tickets: $24
Bookings: 1300 182 183 | www.artscentremelbourne.com.au

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