Delectable Shelter | The Hayloft ProjectPhotos – Pia Johnson

Who would be the people who could afford shelter during the apocalypse? What would happen if they’d been left charge of the new world? What would happen during the time when they were hidden underground? How is civilization created? How does it evolve?

Delectable Shelter is an absurd comedy that asks these questions – and in a grander (less literal sense), provides food for thought regarding hope, hate, fear, prejudice, and love.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Two couples have bought their way into their own shelter, and reside with the engineer who created it.

Their relationships are dark, both cynical and optimistic, and… just really funny.

The ensemble which featured Andrew Broadbent, Brendan Hawke, Joylon James, Simone Page Jones and Yesse Spence all had their own standout moments, so many of which it would be impossible to list.

I would say that Simone Page Jones completely blew the audience away with her stunning vocals, but to be honest the five performers demonstrated stunning choral abilities. The arrangements of eighties-transformed-into-Bach songs by Composer Benny Davis almost stole the show, and had the audience in stitches – and in awe of these amazing singers – from the top of the show.

The set, a box decorated with wallpaper of ferns, evokes the notion of a tacky seventies loungeroom at first glance, and as the show moves along, I was reminded of the similar cruelty of a polar bear in captivity having icebergs painted on their walls.

Benedict Hardie has both written and directed a brilliant laugh out loud production, that kept the audience guessing until it’s final moments. As the new Artistic Director of The Hayloft Project he has presented a fantastic work, different enough to make his mark on the company, but still presenting the intelligent, passionate theatre that the company is known for. All eyes are on Hardie as he moves the company to Sydney after being Melbourne-based since 2007. I for one am excitedly waiting for what he and Hayloft throw out next.

I do encourage every-one to go out, see this production, make up your own mind and tell others what you thought.  

Brisbane Powerhouse Presents
The Hayloft Project's
by Benedict Hardie

Director Benedict Hardie

Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse | 119 Lamington Street, New Farm QLD
Dates: 6 – 10 August, 2013
Tickets: $20 - $38
Bookings: 07 3358 8600 |

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