No Origin | Meow MeowLeft – Meow Meow. Photo – Karl Giant

If the Adelaide Cabaret Festival were a dessert, Meow Meow would be the cake, the icing and the cherry on top. She is the ultimate diva, with the voice, sparkle and wit that leaves all the others in her shadow.

In her show No Origin, Meow is joined by a brilliant pianist and percussionist, both of whom spend half the show in their underpants at her demand. In these times of economic crisis, Meow says, we cannot afford any luxuries.Uniquely, Meow pulls off this fabulous façade of faux opulence by constantly poking fun at herself at every moment. Through the chaos of costumes falling apart and forgotten pieces of staging, Meow creates images of beauty and poignant moments. We meet a fake plastic Meow who ‘sings’ the popular 90’s Radiohead song of a similar name, and a German political text culminates in an apocalypse of flying Barbie dolls. 

Meow’s voice is exquisite, with utter control and gorgeous arrangements of familiar tunes and original songs which, in her words, she was forced to write herself. The lighting moves from soft pinks to Vegas flashy to near blackout when she lets the operators go home and finishes the encore DIY style with a torch.

Her famous crowdsurf routine comes out at the end, albeit the front rows taking a good screaming-at to get onto their feet. Whisky in hand, Meow manages to keep singing while being passed overhead through the audience and landing ever so gracefully on her feet.

With her trademark kamikaze glamour Meow Meow had the audience hooked from the moment she walked on stage until they lined up at the CD signing desk afterwards. This reviewer cannot speak highly enough, suffice to say she is the very best, and should you ever have the chance to see her do not miss it. You’ll walk away with tears of laughter in your eyes and glittering sequins in your heart.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Meow Meow

Venue: Dunstan Playhouse   
Dates: 15 – 16 June, 2013

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