And No More Shall We Part | Bakehouse Theatre CompanyLeft – Jacqy Phillips and Peter Green

There isn't a dry eye at the Bakehouse. Tom Holloway's extraordinary play, And No More Shall We Part, bristles with intelligence, a tsunami of emotion and delights lovers of cerebral weepies. This is a beautiful play, from a wonderfully evocative and imaginative playwright, that strums, plucks, pounds and frays the heartstrings. It's immaculately sensitive, profoundly moving and perfectly delivered.

Pam is dying. After sharing their lives together, she and her husband Don must finally say goodbye. The story of their final moments together is filled with heart, love, tenderness, reverence and humanity.

The drama takes the audience as close to the bone as possible as it experiences something akin to an accident slowed down by the brain to give it shape and substance, yet never being able to prevent the inevitable. Euthanasia is a delicate subject, but the play is so perceptive, emotive, thoughtful and so well-acted it resists the urge to take sides or provide any easy answers.

Yasmin Gurreeboo's direction should be praised for her casting and her collaboration with the actors. Her treatment gives the work depth; highlights the complexities of Pam's decision to end her life; and yet challenges the audience's preconceptions about love, marriage and beliefs at every turn.  This is simply an excellent production and the Director earns emotional responses because of the deft manner in which she's directed her players.

Peter Green (Don) and Jacqy Phillips (Pam) characteristically deliver in their dignified portraits that immerses the audience into their remarkably human, respectful and unashamedly unpretentious fashion as they personalise the trauma on a tidal wave of naturalistic emotion. 

Riveting, intense, instinctive, intellectual and entertaining, this is the best kind of play: big in thought-provoking themes, yet intimate enough to draw the audience right in, and then exercise a firm grasp as it haunts the imagination.

And No More Shall We Part is a truly great tear-jerking play, with perfect casting, battered-dignity and a definite must-see.

The Bakehouse Theatre Company
And No More Shall We Part
by Tom Holloway

Directed by Yasmin Gurreeboo

Venue: The Bakehouse | 255 Angas Street, Adelaide
Dates: 15 – 29 June, 2013
Tickets: $28 – $20

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