Beginning Middle End | Lawrence LeungLawrence Leung is a consummate raconteur.

His self effacing humour is hilarious, peppered with a myriad of clever references to his own shortcomings as he leads the audience through the comic minefield that is his life. Weird stuff happens. For example, his housemate discovers that an anonymous internet user has created Leung fan-fiction on a website. This results in a number of dramatic scenarios that could easily surpass any episode of Ramsay St.

After taking a poll of the audience members who like, or indeed lust, after Colin Firth, Leung admits he detests the man. Cue a wonderful power point presentation; Firth versus Leung. There were fabulous visuals and a wonderfully clever interactive soundtrack. It is a pleasure to see such cleverly conceived and executed comedy. Also it must be noted that this show is remarkable for its lack of crude language. Leung is probably the only comedian this critic has seen in many years of enjoying stand-up, manage to carry off this feat.

Roaming through the beginning, middle and end of his anecdotes and observations on the quirkiness of life was an hour of sheer hilarity. Leung had the capacity audience in the palm of his hand and he appears to enjoy himself as much as the punters, which greatly adds to his charm.

Having reviewed a former show of his at last year’s Perth International Comedy Festival, the excellent Lawrence Leung Wants A Jet Pack, I really looked forward to this show, and it was just as witty, energetic and engaging.

I also know that Leung hates to have his gags and surprises given away by reviewers to audiences before they see the show, so I will desist at this point, but believe me they are many and marvellously funny.

Perth International Comedy Festival presents
Beginning Middle End
Lawrence Leung

Venue: Jack High Room, Mt Lawley Bowling Club
Dates: 8 – 11 May 2013
Tickets: $29.90 – $24.90
Bookings: | 9370 5888

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