Food | La BoiteLa Boite audiences will have the opportunity to indulge their theatrical senses with the Force Majeure and Belvoir co-production of Food, a play by Steve Rodgers. Food is rich with a number of delightful moments; from the writing that drips with spicy Australian colloquialisms one minute and the luscious narrated prose the next, to the fluid use of space and the way the actors’ movements extend beyond the pedestrian to push the story and lace it with a unique aesthetic sensibility. More than this, the humour is wonderfully balanced against the heavier aspects in the story and the invitation for interplay between the actors and the audience is dished up delightfully in the roundhouse, which heightens the intimacy of the performance.                   

Food is a story about two sisters, Elma and Nancy, who run a takeaway diner. Their complex relationship is the result of a less than ideal upbringing, and together they relive/retell scattered moments from their past whilst pursuing their dream to turn the family’s takeaway joint into a legitimate restaurant. They enlist the help of a young Turkish traveller, who through his honesty and charm, breaks through the walls that Elma has built up as a reaction to her and her sister’s life experiences.

Performers Kate Box (Elma), Emma Jackson (Nancy) and Fayssal Bazzi (Hakan) each give strong and sensitive performances and not once push their characters over the line into the obvious stereotypes, which could have been easily done given the nature of each of their characters. The ensemble presents the humour and the pathos in this piece with a delicate touch that keeps the pace of the play ticking along once the action is established. Co-Directors Kate Champion and Steve Rodgers have created, through their fantastic use of space and the physicality of performance, an almost otherworldly stage quality. It is this quality that brings the audience up close and provides a deeper perspective into the characters and their journeys, while at the same time alienating the audience in a curious kind of way. The sound design by Ekrem Mulayim and his original compositions enhance the ethereal feeling. The lighting design by Martin Langthorne turned the set by Anna Tregloan, an art wall installation of ordinary catering-sized pots and pans, into a memorising and glorious sight.

Food is a unique journey told through a gorgeous mixture of theatrical ingredients. Great dialogue and prose mixed with a beautiful use of space and movement, these blend together harmoniously to achieve just the right balance. It’s certainly worth the effort to see Food to find out for yourself which one of your senses is most tantalised by the latest offering at La Boite.

La Boite présents
A Force Majeure & Belvoir co-production
by Steve Rodgers

Directors Kate Champion & Steve Rodgers

Venue: Roundhouse Theatre | 6-8 Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove Village QLD
Dates: 16 – 27 Apr 2013
Tickets: from $25