Danny Bhoy | Danny BhoyThe premise of this show is one to which everyone can relate; the frustration with products and services that promise much and deliver little.

Dear Epson is the clever and bitingly sarcastic letter we all should have written to so many companies, if only we’d had the time and energy.

Opening with a few digs at Perth and the impossibility of getting a meal after 8.30pm in the city on a Monday night and that a bagel costs $8.00. “Is it a famous bagel?” Danny Bhoy went on to mercilessly shred the reputations of Oil of Olay (Ulan) and Clinique and their claims of age reversal and anti-gravity creams.

To enormous crowd approval he tore into Telstra and Indian call centres. “I’m not sure how much of this show is valid criticism or just a man having a good time.”

His exploits at a German Christmas Fair were perfect fodder for a "don’t mention the war” gag. And some remarkably funny observations about spending the last of your foreign currency at the end of the holiday.

His Dear Islamic World letter was discarded. “I’m not that much of an idiot!”

Moving on to his favourite foods, canapés, proved a winner as did the idiocy of fine dining establishments' insistence on the wearing of a coat.

An interest in the history of candles led to the display of an antique candle snuffer and its uses. Thence to the incredible hyperbole used to describe voguish scented candles. Displayed onstage was an upmarket Molton Brown candle (“mysterious, an enchanting blend, on the edge of a wooded forest at midnight!’): it cost thirty six pounds fifty and smelt of wet grass.

Ticketmaster and its incredibly silly request for a customer to transcribe the code in wavy letters got a serve. “Perhaps when write to them I might put the whole letter in wavy letters.”

Danny Bhoy then affected a serious mode and waxed lyrical about a 3 day love affair in New York. So profound was the effect upon the audience you could hear a pin drop! The demise of this affair led to another letter. Not to the object of his affection but to another so-called service provider. It was a brilliant set up and worked a treat!

There several references to his childhood and the awful and cruel woodwork teacher, Mr Dowel, who had predicted his dire career failure so inaccurately.

The reading of a letter written by him to himself as a 13 year old closed the show. Referencing several of his just-recounted stories it provided a neat ending to the proceedings.

The ideas and scripting were excellent and as always Danny Bhoy displayed wonderful timing and ability to create sympathy as well as laughter.

Dear Epson
Danny Bhoy

Venue: Astor Theatre | 659 Beaufort Street, Perth
Dates: 19 – 25 February 2012 
Tickets: $52.50
Bookings: www.showticketing.com.au | 9370 5888

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