Gallic Symbol | Marcel LucontThe double entendres started with the title of the show (for Gallic read phallic) and kept coming (sorry!) thick and fast, in what was essentially a one gag joke exploited to the max.

Our hero, suavely clad in oh so cool loose black suit and designer stubble, clutched his glass of red wine, and condescendingly murmured heavily accented bon mots of Gallic wisdom. Exploiting every cliché of the Eurotrash persona, and dripping arrogant superiority to all who were not lucky enough to be born French, Lucont expounded on life and love but mostly about sex. His topics ranged from the politically incorrect to the blatantly sexist.

The queue was long to get into the De Parel Spiegeltent and they were enthusiastic from the get go. Many were return audiences from Lucont’s season at the Fringe Festival last year.

There were a couple of preview night hiccups, such as the cards for a sightgag not being in place but this performer is well practised in crowd management. We were told “to talk amongst ourselves” – on his return he affected surprise at our “lack of conversation.”

His monologue was a little uneven in some places but some brilliant moments lifted the show to wonderful heights. There was a scathingly funny pastiche of British comedians delivering heavy-handed comedy routines, then a plug for post-show signing sales of his book, “What We French Think Of The British and Where You Are Going Wrong” said it all.

A clevershowof placard signs with symbols, were speedily interpreted by Lucont as sexual positions with varying participants. Rapturous audience response!

He closed with a fabulous hip hop rap rant with the endearing chorus of “merde oui”. Literally translated as “shit yeah!” It effectively blotted out any credibility this music genre may have once enjoyed.

An Englishman, Alex Dubus (as Marcel Lucont), displayed masterful comedic timing and extremely witty scripting.

2013 Perth Fringe Festival
Gallic Symbol
Marcel Lucont

Venue: De Parel Spiegeltent | Perth Cultural Centre, James Street, Perth
Dates: 3 –10 Feb, 2013
Tickets: $22.00

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