Our Glass | Full Time Dance @ The SpacePhotos – Simon Fox

One of the most remarkable, (and enjoyable) aspects of living in Melbourne is the plethora of talent that tumbles, spins, pliés and sings from the many stage doors across this marvellous city.

With so much talent in such a relatively small area, the competition for a coveted spot in a highly regarded dance program is fierce. This energy, this passion and this remarkable respect for the arts is the driving force behind the Melbourne arts scene and there is no better place to find it than at the final performance of the full time dancers at The Space's exceptional showcase.

It's difficult to believe that these young dancers are students, their form and maturity far outstrips their age, and yet most are barely over 20 years old. Still their grace, movement and magnificent storytelling drives this incredible piece. Choreographed by the incredible teachers from The Space; Ian Knowles, Stephen Agisilaou (Vertical Shadows), Phillip Haddad, Kim Adam, Jayden Hicks and Space founders Deb Cantoni and Ariel Bud, the pieces show the diversity of the teachers and their wisdom to play to their students strengths.

Set over half a decade, an old man sits at a bar, pours himself a drink and lets his mind wander to the life he has shared within the walls he has called home. Love, jealousy, temptation, war, loss and illness are all explored within the context of the epic tale and each dancer has their own role to play in the memories of this older gentleman.

Of the full time cast the obvious standouts are Ben Cure and Rosemary Osmond, whose sincere movement had the ability to move an entire audience. There were very few dry eyes at Gasworks theatre as these two young lovers danced their way from puppy love to eternal commitment.

Every moment in this extraordinary performance had meaning and upon witnessing something that honest and visually compelling you will be blown away. From Disco fever and glorious Brendan Ford to the stunning vocals of Phillipa Jensen and the surprise return of Space alumni Jayden Hicks you will be swept up in the magic of love, life and of course, dance.

The Space presents
Our Glass: A life in Dance

Venue: Gasworks Theatre | 21 Graham Street  Albert Park VIC
Dates: 5 – 8 December, 2012
Tickets: $40 – $30
Bookings: www.thespace.com.au

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