Careful What You Wish For | David StrassmanPhoto – Tony Lewis

It's every ventriloquist's worst nightmare.... puppet mutiny.

It is this terrifying notion that faces veteran ventriloquist David Strassman as he takes the audience on a hilarious journey through the depths of his twisted mind.

In a place where bears talk, wooden boys really do come to life and wishes can come true, Strassman offers up a plethora of new material with his untrustworthy sidekick Chuck Wood at his side.

Crowd pleasing Ted-E-Bear is as adorable as ever, but it is the malicious, conniving and guilty Chuck Wood who steals the show with exorcist style head spins and out of body experiences.

New additions to the cast of Strassman's inner voice include Fred - an ageing grandfather with a wicked sense of humour, (the fact that he is Ted-E-Bear in glasses and a hat only adds to his appeal) and Angel who debuted in Melbourne three years ago, but is back upgraded and hotter than ever!

Tripping into the rabbit hole and ending up in an alternate universe, Strassman finds a new troupe of batty bears and cracked wood that test his talents and his patience. Ever the professional Strassman plays to his fans and knows exactly what to deliver. His clear joy for his profession transfers into the audience and makes the entire performance ever more enjoyable.

A witty script is helped by the unique personality of each one of the characters presented on stage. Strassman continues to convince and amaze with his ability to fill a theatre with the sound of his voice and the characters that come from within him.

After two decades of performing, Australia holds Strassman, Chuck and Ted-E-Bear close to their hearts. Always a joy to watch, Melbourne is proud to be Strassman's "second home" and we can't wait to see you, Ted-E and even Chuck again soon!

David Strassman
Careful What You Wish For

Venue: Athenaeum Theatre, Collins Street, Melbourne
Dates: 7 November – 2 December 2012
Tickets: $64.90 – $49.90
Bookings: Ticketek 132849 or Athenaeum 9650 1500

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