La Soirée | Melbourne FestivalLeft – English Gents. Photo – Olivia Rutherford

It's hard to fault a show that makes an audience cry with laughter, become wide-eyed with wonder and scream with delight all at the same time... primarily because there are no faults. La Soirée is an absolute blast. It's bawdy, brave and fun and serves up everything slick, contemporary circus should be.

The Forum Theatre really is the ideal venue for this event. Walking into the space is a step back to yesteryear, where the heady cabaret and all its delights reigned supreme. Seduced by the ever coy La Gateau Chocolate, schooled by Mooky and then given a bath by David O'Mer, La Soirée is comprised of some of the superb talent seen previously in the well-known La Clique, and is a production which loves the audience as much as they adore it. It's one big group hug with inappropriate touching. For about two hours. With interval.   

Special mention must go to Captain Frodo and his tennis racquets. That performance was truly inspired. It's quite something to see a house of approximately 700 people falling around and quite literally screaming with laughter. Well played Captain Frodo. Well played indeed.

Truth be told, there isn't one weak link in the La Soirée chain – Ursula Martinez is a fast-talking, fiery ball of wonderful, Jess Love (Melbourne's very own) truly is a whirlwind or energy, Brett Pfister is bringing sexy back in mid-air and Hamish McCann... well shucks. Many a person giggled and blushed throughout that amazing display of strength and precision. With special local stars on every night too – what's not to love?

It's a wunderbar show and closes with Captain Frodo reminding everyone that "what you dream of doing as a child, no matter how odd it may seem, can always come true." Given he's folded up like a pretzel at the time, never was a truer sentence spoken. La Soirée is a big jar full of colourful, wonderful delights being held out and offered to all only until the 18th of November.

Don't miss the fleeting moment you have to be a part of it!

Five stars.

The Melbourne Festival presents
La Soiree
Featuring the stars of La Clique

Forum Theatre | corner Russell and Flinders Streets, VIC
11 October – 18 November, 2012

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