My Stories, Your Emails | Ursula MartinezSomeone once said that in comedy simplicity is key and Ursula Martinez listened. My Stories, Your Emails, just as the title would have you believe, sees Martinez read out a collection of her stories and her fans emails over an hour long performance. In nailing that piece of old comedic advice and keeping things very simple, Martinez creates a fine work of comedy.

Martinez, well known for her saucy handkerchief striptease (seen by a lot of the My Stories, Your Emails audience members previously in La Soiree for the Brisbane Festival) has a lifetime of hilarious stories and for the first half of the show graciously shares them. From impersonating her Spanish mother to recounting pranks she and her sister would play on each other while growing up, much of the material comes from Martinez's childhood and adolescence. The deeply personal nature of these accounts, including stories of nursing her father at the end of his life, gives the audience a very intimate insight into Martinez's life and perfectly primes them for what is to come next.

The Your Emails segment of the show revolves mainly around the frequently lewd, sometimes poignant and very often highly absurd emails sent to Martinez by fans of her work (most often fans of a leaked video of her striptease act which found its way onto youtube). Helped along by the dozens of writers-in who have inexplicably allowed Martinez to not only include their emails in her show, but have provided her with photos of themselves, Martinez needs to do very little but read out these pieces of correspondence to have the audience hooting. Doing a brilliant job of also hinting towards the mens' accents, voices and carriages, Martinez again produces pitch-perfect comedy in this simple and effective half of the performance.

Ursula Martinez is a truly clever comic and an outstanding performer. My Stories, Your Emails is a brilliantly put together piece of work guaranteed to keep an audience laughing and squirming throughout.

My Stories, Your Emails
Ursula Martinez

Venue: Turbine Studio | Brisbane Powerhouse QLD
Dates: 3 - 6 Oct 2012
Tickets: Adult $38 | Concession $32

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