jamie-adkins-circus-300It's not every day a performer pre-supplies fruit for his audience to throw at him. However at Circus Incognitus, it does happen every day. Much to the delight of a squealing mass of under 10's, Jamie Adkins requests oranges are pelted at his head from amongst the crowd. This is only one of the many surprises in store during this absolutely delightful one-man circus comedy.

Circus Incognitus is presented by Windmill Theatre, one of Adelaide's premier companies producing beautiful and intelligent work specifically for young people. Windmall discovered this show while overseas and saw its value, so much so that they brought it all the way to Australia for a one week season. And we're certainly glad they did.  

The star and singular performer of the show is Jamie Adkins, a feature of Cirque Du Soleil and Cirque Eloize shows in the past and winner of many medals for clowning (yes, I know what you're thinking, they are legitimate awards). He has indisputably mastered his artform, flowing seamlessly between improvisation and routine, so much so it's impossible to tell what is intended to happen and what is a real mishap. Adkins' character is endearingly clumsy, and has half the kids in the room constantly shouting directions of assistance for him. He expertly treads the fine line of playing out a show directed for children, yet is still equally as hilarious for the adults in the room.  

As well as Adkins' high calibre clown performance, he demonstrates an impressive range of circus skills to boot. With a background in high-level circuses, it's clear that Adkins has finessed the arts of juggling, manipulation and slackwire, to name a few. In case you're wondering, slackwire is like tightwire walking without the 'tight' part, basically rendering it a whole lot more difficult.

This is a charming and magical performance that is genuinely great for kids and grown ups alike. With never a dull moment you'll be guaranteed a giggle, and to be surrounded by hysterically laughing children for an hour. Circus Incognitus is showing during the day all week and evenings on Friday and Saturday, it's not to be missed.


Windmill Theatre
Circus Incognitus
with Jamie Adkins

Venue: Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide
Date: 2 October 2012
More Info: www.jamieadkins.com

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