how-to-get-rich-for-review3How to Get Rich,
Aleisha McCormack's one-woman show, is based on a true experience - and a very funny one.

Unlucky-in-love Aleisha meets a man called Richard on Facebook. After four months of Skype phone calls, she jumps on a plane to meet him in the flesh. Will it work out? Will he even turn up to meet her at Heathrow?

The show is set on the flight, and sees Aleisha's initial optimism about the adventure ebb and flow with the dimming and raising of the cabin lights. It's impossible not to empathise with her as she makes this huge leap of faith, which could change her life forever - or see her spending four weeks in a London backpackers' hostel.

It's a one-woman show, but that doesn't mean it's all about Aleisha. McCormack creates a wonderful cast of characters and switches deftly between them throughout the performance.

My particular favourite was the smug, married, pregnant friend who talks down to Aleisha in a voice better suited to her soon-to-be-born baby. The beautician who gives Aleisha her final pre-trip Brazilian wax - with complimentary vajazzling - was another delight...although I'm not sure I would want to visit her salon.

The tedium of the long-haul flight is expressed beautifully, from McCormack's attempts to sleep in the confines of her seat to her efforts in the tiny plane toilet to make herself presentable for the man waiting for her at the other end.

And the dialogue - even although most of the time the audience only hears one side of it - is perfectly paced.

McCormack is a fine comic actress, and although there are definitely points when you wouldn't want to be sitting next to her character on a long flight, there's much to admire in her attitude to life and love. Director Julia Zemiro does a great job too.

Ultimately How to Get Rich is a highly entertaining tale of hope, and what happens when you take a chance. You'll have to see the show to find out what happens when Aleisha gets to London. You will certainly enjoy the journey.


How to Get Rich

Written and Performed by Aleisha McCormack
Directed and co-written by Julia Zemiro

Dates: 2 - 7 October, 2012
Venue: Trades Hall - Annexe


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