after-all-this_large-300After All This
has been bought to the Brisbane Powerhouse by Melbourne company Elbow Room for the 2012 Brisbane Festival, and my are we lucky to have it here.

Examining perceptions of death and the afterlife, After All This is a promenade performance piece, asking the audience to move between different areas of the Powerhouse to witness three different scenes on the subject. Branching from the curious, sometimes inane and sometimes profound chatter of children on the subject, the show then moves on to examine to the intangible line of 'too much knowledge' which, when crossed, leads to insanity for a god-fearing mathematician. Ending with a cult-like and highly convincing clan who would love for you to join them in drinking the Up and Go, After All This does well to showcase a variety of stories on the subject.

This show is infinitely engaging for a predominantly text-based piece. Throughout the performance there is very little movement and minimal technology used, testing the language and actors to solely keep the audience's attention. At a running time of sixty minutes, After All This could easily be developed further to include more segments and I for one would eagerly anticipate an extended version. The dialogue in each scene is witty and intelligent, bravely written with the expectation that the audience will follow what are at times complex ideas. The performers glow with an energy and enthusiasm for the task at hand and this above all else keeps the audience engaged, entertained and on-side.

Executed with courage and finesse, After All This is a marvellous creation that brings to life the morbid questions at the back of everyone's minds. If you can get your hands on a ticket, After All This is definitely a show well-worth seeing. If you can't, you can join me in hoping that Elbow Room continue developing this great piece and encourage them bring it back to Brisbane when they have.

Elbow Room presents
After All This

Dates: 18 - 22 September, 2012
VenueBrisbane Powerhouse, Visy Theatre, 119 Lamington Street, New Farm

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