Nothing Fancy | Judith LucyAppropriate groovy, female, funk tune, "I'm Every Woman" heralded Judith Lucy's stride onto the stage of the Octagon Theatre.

In a blistering hour and a quarter of rapid fire delivery Lucy delivered insights into subjects as varied as yoga retreats, gluten allergy and, of course, the shortcomings of the few available men to women over 40.

Not one to skip around the issues of feminism and prejudice, she focussed, as usual, on her own shortcomings. An unexpected treat was the audience interaction which was treated with fond consideration and kindness by our hostess. From the young punter in the front row ("Listen, no one's funnier than me, ok?") to Tim up the back hollering "I'd  r...t you", they got a fair share of witty response from the generous woman of the moment.

A large section of the material centred on her experiences as linchpin of an ABC TV series, where she was televised exploring different world wide cults and religions. This produced a gold mine of amusing observations on Byron Bay hippies, Indian cults, the West Indies and the inhabitants of Alice Springs.

People who go to India "to find themselves" was expounded upon, to the delight of the audience. This spiel included references to shop windows full of Tony Barlow menswear and an excited cow. "Who put Julie Bishop in there?"

The queen of the put-down (mostly of herself) and mistress of laconic drawl expounded on her slight role in the forthcoming movie The Sapphires. This involved camping for three days outside Alice Springs with three Aboriginal women where she deduced she knew nothing about survival and was possibly "a pool-owning racist." A far cry from her own early holidays which meant "Getting in a car and driving somewhere nice".

Internet dating services also got a serve, along with some acute observations about men being more afraid and ageist than women. Surprise, surprise! This lead to remarks about what birthday gifts to give women over 40; "Candles and soap!" Here Lucy launched into quite blue comments about their uses.

Her final sally was into her well-known dislike of the book and movie Eat, Pray Love. This provoked scathing remarks about the wicked Western pleasures one was supposed to shed in order to reach a higher plane. Again referenced was the yoga retreat and its leaders, one of whom was the incredibly sexy Depak ("not Depak Chopra"). As with all of Lucy's material it was the irony of the situations she found herself in and the incredible tangents her mind took as she lead us on her comedic journeys.

The audience age range was remarkably broad. They were ready to rock and they lapped up every nuance of an amazing performance. It wasn't fancy it was extraordinary.

Nothing Fancy
Judith Lucy

Venue: Octagon Theatre, Perth
Dates: 26 – 29 July, 2012
Tickets: $45.00
Bookings: BOCS

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