Wilarious | Wil AndersonJustin Hamilton opened for Wil Anderson and he was in fine form as he swept along at pace with some wonderful observations about meeting up with people you thought you'd never see again (Deanne from Mt Gambier) – and then remembered why you hoped this was the case.

His opening gambit about bush spiders the size of a hand and with small houses tattooed on their elbows was hilarious. As were his remarks about ugly babies. Belonging to friends. Hairy, large babies like woolly mammoths and this one was a girl!

Well and truly primed for a great night the crowd roared its approval for the arrival onstage of Wil Anderson.

I must confess to only having seen him on various television shows and my preconceived notion was that of a razor-sharp, acerbic wit in the role of smart mouthed guest or host.

Like several audience members I spoke to post-show I was absolutely bowled over by his refreshing, self-deprecating humour and dare I say it, charm.

He opened the proceedings with some sad reflections on the IQ s of his final audience in last year's show at the Gold Coast. Then he moved fluidly to his dietary habits; not eating meat. Different from being vegetarian or (dread of dreads, a vegan!) because he doesn't eat veggies, well only potatoes. Just junk really. "I'm a Tim Tam terrier."

This segued to some of his own dietary vagaries such as eating cream, cheese, milk, chocolate and the wonderful description of the cow as "Nature's vending machine."

His own "clicking hips" (rheumatoid arthritis) gave him extensive material from medical to sexual exploits.

For aficionados, his views on gay marriage and racial stereotypes was familiar ground but he handled it so well that it was endearing and convincing. There was a fabulous dig at Reverend Fred Niles voicing his opinion that God was sending down a flood to wash out the Gay Mardi Gras. "Then how come only the gays have floats?"

I also personally loved his take on Steve Jobs arriving in heaven and rearranging the basics.

A final view of his own invention, Personal Charity Day; doing something nice for someone, something that costs nothing but improves the quality of their and your day could have been mawkish but totally succeeded because of the humorous anecdotes involved as well as the genuine sentiment.

After an hour's hard work the audience begged for more and he returned to inform us that he really didn't have anything left to say!

The fact that he knocked the microphone off its stand three times and was greeted by a round of applause said a lot about the warmth in the room.

I would never miss another show he was prepared to give us in Perth.

Wil Anderson

Venue: Octagon Theatre
Dates: 12 – 14 July, 2012
Tickets: $45.00
Bookings: BOCS www.bocsticketing.com.au

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