The Disappearances Project | Version 1.0Photos – Heidrun Lohr

Version 1.0
have created something truly significant in the chronicle of Australian theatre and storytelling with new production The Disappearances Project.

The Disappearances Project undertakes a rigorous unravelling of the world of those left behind when loved ones disappear, as over thirty-thousand Australians do each year. It gives voice to those bereft and grieving, for sometimes days or years and sometimes forever, who so often are hushed by lack of societal understanding, lack of support from authorities or by their own confusion and hurt. A verbatim script brings to the fore the extreme and crippling worry the various anonymous family and friends of the missing who have shared their sacred stories with Version 1.0 experience on a daily basis, and the sometimes heart-warming and sometimes plain idiotic processes they have now become a part of when dealing with organisations such as the Police, Centrelink and Medicare.

The show is nearly inhumanly still, with the cast of two remaining seated for nearly the whole performance, their voices distinct and at times nearly robotic. Behind them a slow and unending video plays, images captured out a car window as it drives down dawn-lit, empty streets, and one can only imagine the heartbreaking hours so many people are spending at any given moment scanning the streets around them for a familiar face, powerless to do anything else. A soundscape created of echoing near-human yet oh-so-industrial sounds adds to the discomfort of a watching audience, building a feeling of being forcibly removed and held out of reach of all clear contact.

Performers Irving Gregory and Yana Taylor give stellar performances in The Disappearances Project, both possessing an energy which hits you in your core and proceeds to draw you into their world. The sixty minutes they are on stage seem timeless as they share this story and it is clear that performing the piece holds great importance for both of them.

The Disappearances Project is beautifully crafted, and has the power to stay with an audience long after they leave the theatre. Currently touring through Queensland, The Disappearances Project is recommended viewing for all.

Judith Wright Centre and Griffith University present
The Disappearances Project
Version 1.0

Devisers Irving Gregory, Paul Prestipino, Yana Taylor and David Williams
Co-directors Yana Taylor and David Williams

Venue: Performance Space, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts | 420 Brunswick St (Cnr Berwick St), Fortitude Valley
Dates: Tue 3 to Fri 6 July, 2012
Times: Tue 3, Thu 5 & Fri 6 July, 7:30pm I Wed 4 July, 1pm
Tickets: $35 – $25
Bookings: | 07 3872 9000

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