Men of Substance | TripodA packed house of die-hard Tripod devotees filled the Astor for their first show in the brand new all-singing, all-dancing, whiz-bang Perth International Comedy Festival. They were not disappointed!

Touted in their own media release as moving from former fools into sophisticated and mature "men of substance", could this new image mask their inherent silliness they asked? Hardly!

The ever-polished trio lead the audience through a series of songs and acutely observed reminiscences of youth past and the lead up to "middle age". Yon has just turned 40 and Scod and Gatesy will join him at this landmark point within the year.

All musically talented and sharp as tacks, there is no doubt constant touring and performing for 16 years has honed their comedic and musical skills to a knife edge.

"Look at Me" (I'm so much more mature than I used to be) spoofed the radio parlance for the market share dubbed "adult contemporary" to a T, with appropriate Eagles/America-like harmonies.

Yon's Dylanesque tamborine lead us into the "Triangle of Happiness" – house, work, shop. All within close range. The perfect recipe for a sophisticated lifestyle. Not!

"How I Met Your Mother" in a gay bar, looking for a fag hag, had the audience shrieking with laughter, as did "Bohemian Rhapsody". A rose-colored memoir of Yon's pre-marital days of lust and licentiousness.

These memories were neatly counterpointed with Scod and Gatesy's recollection that "boredom was the clay with which we fashioned our youth" in the song, "Waiting for the Game To Load."

Moving to adulthood we meet "One More Amazing Couple". Similarly, another intensely annoying couple feature in a number where they purchase an inner city house, keep the 4 wheel drives but close down all the unsightly local pubs ( property values?).

After Scod's valiant effort at a solo, the self-realising "I Am Beautiful", somewhat hampered by heckling offstage from Yon and Gatesy, there was a delightful pastiche of "I Still Call Australia Home" with clever references to Oz as a testing ground for material, both comedy and nuclear.

The inflammatory line that, all women want the same thing, took us to the hilarious and surprising conclusion It's a DILF! ; D = does things, I = into you, L = long term, F=well, all kinds of surprising things! 

Tripod closed with a rousing spiritual "There Is No God" and returned promptly to delight the audience with their dorky after-the-show-party piece, "You Tube Party."

As if.

If any member of that audience could have scored an invite to mingle with Tripod post-show you would never hear the end of it.

As always, sharp and beautifully timed musical comedy.

2012 Perth International Comedy Festival
Men of Substance

Venue: Astor Theatre, Mt Lawley, Perth
Dates/Times: 9.30pm, May 3–5 2012
Tickets: $29.90
Bookings: |

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