Homeward Bound | Kate McLennan

Homeward Bound | Kate McLennanHomeward Bound is an autobiographical account of Kate McLennan's retreat back to the family home in Geelong after a relationship break up. Her stories of heartbreak and insecurities are easy to relate to, as are the members of her family.  

McLennan is more storyteller than stand up comedian as she weaves a comfortably moving narrative, using letters to her baby niece to suggest passing time. With a few changes of voice, she plays all the various characters – from dad Pockets, nagging her to check her car's oil and water, through to well-meaning friends dishing out terrible and contradictory advice about getting back into the dating game.

The journey McLennan relates is not particularly unusual, but she imbues it with a certain charm and finds the lighter side of things like bridal expos, country living and the fear of being alone. She's got a steady, confident pace and an inclusive manner that makes for an endearing, rather than edgy show. Homeward Bound will put a smile on your dial and may even entice you to check out vintage Golden Girls box sets.

A Token Event
Homeward Bound
Kate McLennan

Venue: Victoria Hotel - Acacia Room | 215 Lt Collins St, Melbourne
Dates: 29 March - 22 April, 2012
Times: Tue-Sat 7.15pm, Sun 6.15pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $26 – $22
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 | at the door

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