Dad! (And the Other Men My Mother has Been With) | Jonathan Schuster

Dad! (And the Other Men My Mother has Been With) | Jonathan SchusterMeet Jonathan Schuster, winner of Raw Comedy 2007, and all round sister-hating, misanthropic nice guy.

Huh? Jonathan looks like your typical hipster geek, just out of highschool and into uni. In reality, he's 25 and has been at this comedy thing for a long time. His youthful laid-back charm has gotten him through life so far, and gets him through an hour of stand up, because he's very hard not to like and often quite funny. Sometimes he has to tell you why his jokes are funny, but that's okay – it's even funnier that way.

It's rare that I walk out of a show without remembering a single joke or great punchline while still knowing I've had a great time. A general lack of straight out jokes is the key to Jonathan's style – instead, we laugh at his laidback yet dorky charm, his hatred for people who pretend that curry is 'so not actually hot', and his love for inappropriate references from the Home Alone movies.

So what's this about his Dad? Oh yeah, Phil. Phil does feature in the show, as do a few others, but this is just Jonathan's way of structuring his show. He doesn't always feel the need to follow the structure – it seems to be there because it amused him at the time and so when other things come up that amuse him more he tends to diverge.

It's refreshing to be unable to tell his scripted content from what simply comes off his head. Most of the time he sounds like the little boy who dreams of being a stand up comedian and practices on himself in the mirror, on colleagues at Safeway, and (with the most delight) on his sister and girlfriends. The line between his thoughts and his words is delightfully faint; his show is an excursion into a thoughtfully humorous and adorably daggy young brain.

2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Dad! (And the Other Men My Mother has Been With)
Jonathan Schuster

Venue: Spleen Bar | 41 Bourke St, Melbourne (Licensed venue. Under 18s must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian.)
Dates: 10 - 22 April 2012
Times: Tue-Thu 7pm, Sat 7pm, Sun 6pm
Duration: 50 minutes
Tickets: $15 – $12 


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