Waitressing... and other things I do well | Gillian CosgriffWhat happens when you graduate from your performing arts degree, audition for all the big shows but don’t land any gigs and have to find a way to make ends meet while supporting your dreams? If you don’t know, go and see Gillian Cosgriff in her one-woman comedy cabaret show, Waitressing...and other things I do well. It’s the quickest and funniest way to become enlightened.

Gillian doesn’t miss a beat, as she shares her story through witty and superbly crafted original songs. She wears her heart on her sleeve from the beginning and no topic is off limits as she recounts her experiences as a twenty something performing artist via her slightly sarcastic and wonderful comical take on life. The music is a catchy blend of jazz and pop, the lyrics are punchy as she swoons, belts, and warbles her way through her highlights and woes.

Gillian makes an immediate connection with the audience as we discover her lack of talent for social introductions at parties, especially when the topic of conversation inevitably comes to, ‘Well, what do you do?’ She shares some insider tips on the audition process and how you know you’ve lost the auditioner once they do the ‘head tilt’. We learn about her very attractive, but not so smart ex who couldn’t quite finish the phrase, ‘I love...’ without replacing the word ‘you’ with any other word that begins with the same vowel sound. Highlights include the Ikea flat pack song, (you’ll never view the flat pack in the same light after this sexy number) and the piano lesson she gave, with the help of a few helpful audience members (watch out Suzuki method aficionados, the Cosgriff method is going to take the world by storm).

This is definitely a show for all who enjoy musical comedy. I recommend you don’t miss this amazing chance to see Gillian Cosgriff’s engaging performance before she rockets to international stardom. Be one of the lucky ones who can say, “I saw Gillian when she was just starting out.” Grab this opportunity to watch her humours take on life as told through her brilliant and delightfully funny story telling in song.

Waitressing... and other things I do well
Gillian Cosgriff

Venue: Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse | 119 Lamington Street, New Farm
Dates: 8 – 12 Feb, 2012
Times: 9pm
Tickets: $30 – $35
Bookings: (07) 3358 8600

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