Missing | Blue Room and Satellite Artist ProductionsThe Blue Room 'Summer Nights' Series kicked off last night with a number of events. One of which was Missing, a 50 minute one man show about Irish Jack who one day turned a corner in his life and just kept on walking into the unknown.

Written by Sandi Buckley and presented in conjunction with Artistic Satellite Productions, the script flowed effortlessly from the mouth of James Helm. Set in a psychologist’s office, Jack (Helm) blurts his way through the story (in a “stream of consciousness” manner) of how he went missing. What I particularly liked was that it only alluded to the tragedies that may have occurred in Jack’s childhood that perhaps set him down the path of discontent and self destruction. The clichés were cleverly avoided by Buckley in the script, by Michael McCall in direction and by Helm in performance.

While the sound design was ambient and generally subtle, there were moments when Helm referred to the music being played or the “chapter titles” being flashed up onto the walls. They helped along the action, which was essentially Jack recalling his emotions and adventures in a haphazard way, move swiftly from each moment to the next. Helm’s portrayal of Jack was endearing and mischievous. His account of living with drug addiction, abuse, homelessness and survival on the street was “matter of fact” and didn’t seem to want to draw the audience in to a perceiving Jack as a victim.

An engaging story, Missing runs until Saturday 4th Feb at the Blue Room.

The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights & Satellite Artist Productions present
by Sandi Buckley

Venue: The Blue Room Theatre | 53 James Street Northbridge
Dates: 31 Jan – 4 Feb 2012
Bookings: www.blueroom.org.au

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