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Motherhood the Musical
is a laugh-so-hard-you'll-leak musical-comedy. Having a baby is merely the commencement in Sue Fabisch's mirthful, bright and breezy farce. Boasting more passé citations than the median spectator could expect to grasp in a solitary viewing – a flurry of mother yarns, old wives tales and mum-to-be naivety, coupled with cute songs – the show has countless highlights.

The story follows young Amy; an expectant mother who has her eyes opened by her three shrewd friends. Their insightful anecdotes about the joys and hazards of being a parent are wonderful, magical and fabulous and will have anyone, who is or who knows a mother, crying with both laughter and sentiment. Barbara (Amelia Christo) is a stay-at-home-mum who initially appears bitter, is wonderfully madcap singing (and whining) "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" but moves the house with her tender and emotive performance of "I'm Danny's Mom." Brooke (Ziggy Clements) is stressed trying to semi-successfully schedule parenting and full-time work while Trisha (Jacqueline Hoy) is a mini-van driving, divorcee who questions whether she should have let her husband go. It's a strong cast, but arguably the show belongs to Rebecca Moore with her warm all-round performance as the inexperienced wide-eyed Amy.

The songs, from "I'm Having a Baby" through "Nothing But the Best (for my baby)" to "Baby Weight Blues" and "The Kids Are Finally Asleep" touch upon many forms of motherhood in this stimulating, revitalizing and outrageously funny production.

Terence O'Connell's natty direction leads his ensemble in a pleasurable, touching and light-hearted manner that adds poignancy and even more chuckles into an unforgettable experience. Motherhood the Musical may brashly go where every mother has been before, and at times is about as subtle as an epidural, but it's also guaranteed to make anyone laugh so hard they'll leak.

Hit Productions presents
Motherhood the Musical
by Sue Fabisch

Director Terence O'Connell

Venue: Space Theatre
Dates: 30 November – 10 December 2011
Tickets: $69.50 – $54.00
Bookings: BASS 131 246 |

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