The Game | Drawline ProductionsLeft – Nick Cain and Rhys Hamlyn

Introducing yet another valuable additional to our city’s theatre repertoire, independent theatre company Drawline Productions launched its first official performance at this year’s Fringe Festival.

The Game, written and directed by Fiona McQueen, had its debut at the 2010 Short and Sweet Festival and from what was a ten minute performance this production of 60 minutes certainly demonstrated some solid work-shopping.

Father-to-be John (Nick Cain) wakes up from a drunken stupor to find himself in a workshop in the sky with his late grandfather Max (Drew Sargent) and his unborn son Boy (Rhys Hamlyn) facing the potentially eternal question of acknowledging his responsibilities as a father – or taking the easy way out. Death. The set, being an actual workshop at Ormond College was perfect for the interactions between the three men and certainly the rain added to the atmosphere.

The story itself still seemed to require some developing and while all three actors gave strong performances, particular Nick Cain, there did seem to be a few narrative blanks that could have perhaps been helped by expanding upon the back story.

Also beneath the veneer of a very personal question of fatherhood there did some to be another tension that written and director, Fiona McQueen, hinted at but was never fully articulated.

Certain male rituals like dart-throwing and footy kicking were great devices which potentially could have been explored further and the soundscape that accompanied the performance certainly added another layer. Unfortunately with the rain it was to a large extent drowned out.

A great start for Drawline Productions and The Game, should it be performed again, is certainly worth a visit. 

Drawline Productions presents
The Game
by Fiona McQueen

Directed by Fiona McQueen

Venue: The Workshed @ Ormond College | 49 College Crescent, Parkville VIC
Dates: 27 September – 1 October, 2011
Tickets: $25 – $20

Part of the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival

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