Release the Stars | Vertical ShadowsA breathtaking and exhilarating journey through the mind, body and the soul, Steven Agisilaou’s latest production with contemporary jazz company Vertical Shadows is an extraordinary example of the wealth of dance talent in Australia today.

Release the Stars, will make you lose all concept of space and time as you are swept up by the fluid movement which has become an Agisilaou trademark. The faultless execution of Agisilaou’s choreography is down to the expert casting of brilliant technical dancers who have the personality to match the romance, tragedy and joy of the dance.

Performed in three distinct sections, the division of the show begins with the compelling intrinsic movement of the dancers as they explore the ties that bind us to each other. The jazzy, sexy and intriguing piece Grow up and Blow Away was the highlight of the evening. The piece represents what it is to be a woman and is enriched by the vocal stylings of the great Etta James’s “Stormy Weather”. The ladies completely owned this piece, be it a cheeky wink from Hayley Uberti or Robyn Wyngaards’ impeccable timing. These girls showed they sure knew a thing or two about sexuality and that’s before they took their clothes off!

With standout performances by poster boy Jayden Hicks, the glorious Rachel Ireson, whose delicate movement is a joy to behold, and the stunning Jess Mortlock, the entire company is an exceptional cast of dancers who push the boundaries of movement and find freedom on the other side. Steven Agisilaou has certainly released a new generation of stars with this production.

This is art personified, an experience through all the realms of emotion, and an epic display of talent. The beauty and magic of this performance will blow you away; we can expect many more great things from Vertical Shadows.

Vertical Shadows presents

Venue: Theatreworks, StKilda
Dates: 17 – 21 August, 2011
Times: 6:00pm & 8:30pm

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