Thrashing Without Looking | Aphids‘When was the last time you went to Karaoke?’ August 2009, my friend’s lounge room.

As I recall last night’s events, I sink into the feeling of loss, separation and desire. Of dancing drunkenly to Rhianna and breaking up with the guy I really liked that I met at some bar. I recall jealousy rising, watching romance blossom over Ping Pong, while I stood alone. Did the night become victim to Spring Fever or Saturday Night Fever? I remember feeling like ‘The Only Girl’ in the world, single, desperate, looking for love.

Accepting an invitation from a mysterious man, holding the most exquisite bouquet of fake white roses I had ever seen, smelt and not touched, we went to dinner. I was romantically intoxicated by the dessert-eating couple across the room, spoon-feeding. We decided to go to a nightclub, together. 

By the time the disco ball started spinning, we had been subjected to the drunken karaoke singing couple gyrating off key to Sonny and Cher’s ‘I Got You Babe’. I danced, freely. Then it happened. I fell in love. The whirlwind feeling, in a shower of confetti, and a cool breeze, like an 80’s film clip starring Bonny Tyler. I swayed to the lyrics of 10 CC’s “I am Not In Love’. He held me close. Then we broke up.

Thrashing Without Looking is an exciting, intelligent, and well-constructed experiment in live cinema. Combining multimedia, live performance, live video feed, and audience participation, we are elevated from the role of passive audience to spectator, voyeur, performer, love interest and human being.

This cross discipline collaboration sparked by the combination of Martyn Coutts, Elizabeth Dunn, Tristan Meecham, Lara Thoms, Willoh S Weiland, and artist led collective, Aphids, is an excellent example of the craft of Animateuring and the technical skill of working as a theatrical ensemble.

Now I remember last night clearly, I had fallen in love with someone I touched but do not know. This must be the feeling I can’t shake today of losing something, which is not my wallet. It makes me clearly realise that no matter how much my contemporary perception is shaped by the intricate, informative pixilation of technology, nothing in the world will ever replicate that unmistakably visceral exchange that happens simply by being tenderly held and not held, by another human being.

Arts House in Association with Aphids presents
Thrashing Without Looking

Venue: Arts House: North Melbourne Town Hall | 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
Dates: Wed 3rd August – Sun 7th August 2011
Times: 7pm, 8pm & 9pm
Tickets: Full $25, Concession $15
Duration: 30 minutes
Bookings: | 03 9322 3713

Notes: Bookings essential. Capacity 12 per performance.

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