For Adults Only | SuadeThere’s no doubting the vocal talents of these lads. Furthermore, they have confidence and charisma in spades, boldly announcing on Friday night “We here at Suade are sex Gods”. I can’t personally vouch for that, but they do have a dedicated following, not to mention numerous Australian and International awards in the pool room.

The only problem with performing to a home crowd with fans aplenty is that those who haven’t seen them before and don’t know the in-jokes are left feeling a bit like the taffeta-clad wall flowers at a dinner dance. The beginning of the show was marred by a few technical issues, and although the boys had some fun while it was sorted out, it did feel a bit like half the audience was left to their own devices to work out who was who and what exactly was going on.

With the show underway, the group obviously decided we needed a bit of warming up before we were exposed to the true filth that was awaiting us in this Adults Only performance. Seems there’s nothing like a bit of Stevie Wonder and Roy Orbison to get you in the mood for, well, just about anything, because following the Big O was a very funny discussion linking creativity and poo. What? Maybe you had to be there.

From there on all bets were off, with the group performing original hits like Never Seen My Face Before – which includes just about every lascivious idea any male anywhere is ever likely to come up with – and some Aussie favourites like Kevin Bloody Wilson’s It Was Over. All were received by an extremely appreciative crowd.

Loz Blain’s (Baritone and Producer) self proclaimed magnum opus of creative insults wins not only the title of most filthy song of the evening, but also the filthiest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. (Something I have little doubt Loz would be rather pleased about.) It provided one of those rare moments where you find yourself squirming from equal parts unqualified disgust and belly-aching hilarity.

Loz and Chris Blain (Tenor), Sava Djukic (Bass), Rob Latham (Tenor/Countertenor) and Luke "Bieber" Stevenson (Countertenor) work extremely well together as a group, both vocally and in the camaraderie and fun they obviously have in performing. The Blain brothers’ voices sound truly beautiful together, although new countertenor Luke Stevenson is a bit of show stealer. Stevenson has a stunning, pure voice and boyish charm. With all that talent and cuteness going on, he’s sure to set hearts a flutter. Latham also showed the crowd he has the wow factor several times, and is pretty impressive with his Barnsy impersonation. Perhaps the one weak point in this ultra-slick, ridiculously talented bunch is new Bass Sava Djukic, who, while possessing a lovely voice, seems a little uncomfortable on stage, with a tendency to let show on his face the hard work that must go into such pitch-perfect harmonies.

Suade are hot, funny, quirky and crazy talented. If you like male a capella you will love Suade. If you’ve never heard a capella and you start here, be prepared to become a fan; I doubt you’ll find better in Australia.

The 2011 Melbourne Cabaret Festival presents
For Adults Only

Venue: The Lamond Room, South Melbourne Town Hall
Dates/Times: 8.00pm, 22 – 24 July, 2011
Tickets: $37 / $34

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