What Women Don't Want to Hear | Eddie IfftThere are plenty of things women don’t want to hear from a man, such as “I hate monogamy” or “sorry Hun, I switched off, what’d you say?” But Eddie Ifft is happy to tell them. Yet even Eddie accepts that monogamy has a way of creeping into life. He can’t believe it – firstly, he’s got a girlfriend. That’s amazing enough. And now, all of a sudden, he’s getting clucky. He even shrugs his shoulders and says “Yeah, I’ll probably get married too.”

The irony of this show is, contrary to the title, Eddie tells us a LOT of what we women want to hear. He understands that women are a lot smarter than men – take divorce for instance. In generations past, our fathers had to pay guys to marry us. Nowadays, our husbands get nothing but the bills and we get half of everything when we leave him. He’s also accepted the fact that one day soon we’re not going to need men anymore, now that we’re freezing the vital ingredient… so we’ll just lead them off a cliff by their balls.

That’s not so bad to hear, when your significant Him is being a nuisance.

Then again, when Eddie is on stage, wandering around erratically, making himself crack-up, laughing at audience comments and hating on Oprah, a woman could be convinced to keep him around. He has a laid-back charm that relaxes this whole audience, and when he interacts with people after the show you can see the genuinely friendly, nice guy who he’s been trying to hide under his ‘bit of an ass’ persona. 

The show itself is a ramble of stories about loving Australia and playing pranks on fellow American comedians with the help of Arj Barker, Mickey D and the vicious Australia Wallaby Spider. Hilarious stories of his sex-life that he wasn’t sure he wanted to tell us (but we wanted to hear), and in-depth instructions about how to kidnap a midget (you don’t want to know why) pop in amongst his ‘on-topic’ material, because well, he’s easily distracted. Don’t be fooled – he doesn’t take himself seriously enough to offend anyone, and even when he’s being purposely awful, you can see from the cheeky glint in his eyes that he’s just pushing boundaries. Eddie’s impromptu freshness and impetuous comments create a fantastic atmosphere in which the audience sprawls back in their chairs for a communal night of laughs.

2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival
What Women Don't Want to Hear
Eddie Ifft

Venue: Arts Theatre | 53 Angas St, Adelaide
Dates/Times: 24 – 25 Feb 9.45pm (Previews); 26 Feb 9.45pm, 27 Feb 8.30pm; 1-5 Mar 8.30pm; 6 Mar 7.30pm
Tickets: Fringe Benefits Members $25 | Previews $25 | Adult $32 | Conc $28 | Group $28
Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au, 1300 Fringe | Fringe Box Office

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