Burly-Q & Ballyhoo | Sugar Blue BurlesquePhoto - David Woolley

Two sold out shows and an extra performance planned for 10.30pm is enough evidence to suggest that Perth audiences are lapping up burlesque in all its tantalising and sexy style.

Vaudeville performance troupe, Sugar Blue Burlesque, is just one of a number of acts that are performing as part of the Perth International Arts Festival at The Famous Spiegeltent.

For those of you that have missed the buzz around town, a spiegeltent is basically a travelling pavilion or tent that heralds from the early 20th Century.  Each one is unique and is built of materials such of wood, mirrors, canvas and stained glass. 

Master craftsmen Oscar Mols Dom and Loius Goor built the Famous Spiegeltent, the one visiting Perth as part of the Festival, in 1920. It has played host to cabaret artists, musicians and circus burlesque performers and is now the last remaining Belgian spiegeltent in existence.

Located in the Urban Orchard, opposite the Museum in the Perth Cultural Centre, the performers and organisers did well to create a mood before you even entered the tent. Enjoying a drink before the show commenced, the audience were treated to a sneak preview of the show witnessing a few freak shows, a muscle man and a fire-eater.

Then with the appropriate amount of excitement generated, the long queue of audience members filed in to The Famous Spiegeltent. The tent features wooden columns decorated by mirrors and a circus tent ceiling of red and cream velvet, framed by beautiful brightly coloured stained glass. As the audience took their seats around the tent, jazz singer Sassy Catch set the mood with a couple of songs while we cast our eyes to the trapeze performer at the centre of the tent.

Then onto the stage burst our MC’s for the evening Magnus and Fanny La Rue. They did an excellent job of keeping the pace moving and entertaining the crowd with their comic routines. Without a doubt Fanny was a firm favourite with the crowd who shouted out “I love you fanny” and received her quick response “why I love your fanny too darling.”

The cast of thousands (or so it felt) then provided us with a night of light-hearted revelry with everything from belly dancing, to mime, tap and comedy skits.

Amongst my favourites were Clara Cupcakes who performed a matador number with fantastic stage presence as well as Max Balls who managed to balance balls on his arms in a way that appeared to defy gravity.

I simply cannot imagine a better venue for Sugar Blue Burlesque to present their Vaudeville feast. For those of you that can’t get enough of burlesque the good news is that Sugar Blue Burlesque offer classes and workshops at The Burlesque Lounge in Northbridge. For the daring, find out more at www.theburlesquelounge.com

Fringe World presents
Sugar Blue Burlesque

Venue: The Spiegeltent, Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre
Dates/Times: 22‐23 February 2011, 8.30‐10.30pm
Tickets: $25 per show
Bookings: www.fringeworld.com.au or Planet Video

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