How To Get Almost Anyone To Want To Sleep With You | Deborah Frances-WhiteTen Reasons Why You Should See This Show, by A Smitten Critic

1 You might get the chance, like I did, to wear a bra on stage, and then have it undone by a well-built pilot.

2 Deborah Frances-White has two surnames, which suggests a reasonable education, the fruits of which are evident here: her raunchy how-to guide is sharp, smart and cheeky, and never other than articulately expressed.

3 Deborah’s advice on getting laid won’t result in you bedding a netball team within the hour, but it will improve your chances of not being in bed by 9pm on weekends.

4 As an audience member, you will be a part of, and delighted by, what feels like an odd blend of university seminar, group counselling session and family get-together.

5 You will be edified, titillated and taught (far more than you were at school, when these things were supposed to happen).

6 When the show is done, you will feel like Deborah is your friend. She has a very affable and disarming stage persona, the kind that makes one excited at the prospect of marriage and quiet nights in sharing popcorn and work-related complaints.

7 When the show is done, you will almost certainly want to sleep with Deborah. Her silky enunciation and saucy candour seem to magically loosen the elastic band in one’s underpants.

8 You will be shown, via power-point technology, several pie charts. Who doesn’t love a pie chart?

9 You will want to migrate to England. Not because England is nice, but because Deborah lives there. Only in England will you have the opportunity to see Deborah’s sassy comedic intelligence more often.

10 Because nine reasons is enough.

2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival
How To Get Almost Anyone To Want To Sleep With You
Deborah Frances-White

Venue: The Garden Of Unearthly Delights Adelaide
11 Feb - 5 March 2011 (excl 14, 18 & 28 Feb) at 7pm in The Cupola
19, 25-26 Feb & 4-5 Mar at 11.15pm in Le Cascadeur
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: Sun - Thu $25 (Conc, Tue & Group $22 / Preview 11 - 13 Feb $15) / Fri & Sat $28 (Conc & Group $25)
Bookings: FringeTix - 1300 FRINGE (1300 374 643) |

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