Arte y Compás | Studio FlamencoStudio Flamenco’s production, Arte y Compás (artistry and rhythm) is something like a multitude of tapas, and on opening night, each course is as sumptuous as the last and leaves the appreciative audience salivating for more. The music, a mixture of guitar, Cajon and hand clapping percussion, and singing, is invigorating. The dancing is potent and artistic. Together, it is a whopping, gala of high-spirited flamenco in which the four dancers’ fluidity and impeccable technique makes even the most challenging steps seem effortless.

The show is an exceptional collaboration of artistes from Spain and Adelaide who have come together with the result being a powerfully passionate and strong demonstration of what is best about the traditional juerga style. Invited dancer ‘La Chica’ (Francesca Grima) and Cajon player Andrej Vujicic - both of the Puerto Flamenco Company - are aptly accomplished. Siblings Susi Masi and Emma Fernee – founders of Studio Flamenco - move with sinuous momentum, polished poise and controlled expertise. Individually, they are star dancers - together, they are something else again. In concert, they exude vigorous dynamics and raw power.

Whilst, both companies have created a frenetic, energetic and quite outstanding flamenco experience that is both intimate and intense, it is guest dancer ‘La Chica’ who drives the entire production with vitality, an exquisite demonstration in control, and precise, tight choreography. The show is a series of dishes of excellent guitar work, neat singing, infectious hand clapping and foot stomping that really gets the juices flowing. Overall, this imaginative and emotionally intense celebration of Andalusian terpsichore is like a heady delicious banquet.

Studio Flamenco presents
Arte y Compás

Venue: Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre
Dates: 21 - 22 January 2011
Tickets: $24.00- $30.00
Bookings: BASS | 131 246

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