Kiosk | Wes SnellingThe kiosk is now open so line up for your pies, chocolate wedges and winnie blues. There might be a problem with the boom gate not opening while someone's on the phone wanting to book a site that’s already taken, the men’s dunny may be out of toilet paper and so may the women’s, but the 12-year-old Wes Snelling will just have to deal with it.

In this cabaret/theatre show Snelling revisits his childhood manning the kiosk at the Kyneton Caravan Park with its host of bizarre and demanding characters, some ‘permanents,’ others just up for a break. Wes’s drunken aunty Tina, who kindly opens the show for her nephew (she who was once the diva Tina del Twist and who can still throttle a tune if she ever lets go of the bottle long enough) is amongst them and so is the awful chain-smoking Diane, a dreadful bully who tyrannises her long suffering daughter and anyone else who gets in her way, along with the very (very) slow Tony and the thoroughly nasty Leonie from Niddrie.

Wes Snelling familiarises us with the sad little lives of the residents and visitors of the caravan park, letting them voice their complaints and reveal all of their foibles plus, well, more of their foibles. Snelling can honestly hold a tune and he has a lovely band (actually road workers on a smoko who happen to be remarkably musical) to accompany him on his varied repertoire of adorable songs created for the show. They include the modest and melodic Tully Sumner playing guitar, horn and ghuzu player, Matt Bird, a father and son (Tony and Michael Mazziotta on double bass and keyboard respectively), and Matthew Head on drums.

This is cabaret of the kitsch, nostalgic and crass, telling small stories that together make up a funny and delightfully original show. Snelling inhabits his awkward teenage self and the charmless characters surrounding him to amusing, authentic and memorable effect. You can just about smell the disinfectant in the toilet block.

Wes Snelling’s
A Live Recording

Venue: The Toff
Date: Nov 28, 2010
Tickets: $20.00 online / $25.00 on the door
Bookings: Moshtix 1300 GET TIX (438 849)

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