Eight | Loki RickusProducers of the internationally successful tv show have made millions looking for talented people with an X-Factor. Singer and X-Factor judge Ronan Keating saw a spark of something in a kooky, forgetful contestant who went on to win the recent Australian competition. "X-Factor" is a slang term meaning the unknown factor or the inexplicable quality which adds a certain attractiveness or sexiness to a person.

Loki Rickus has the “X-Factor”. He is quirky and cute with a self-deprecating smile that also conveys mischief. Opening night nerves for his one-man show Eight meant a rocky delivery of the songs, and yet it didn’t seem to matter.

He strings together a series of songs to portray his feelings about his transformation from private school boy to performer in his one-man show Eight. The songs are interspersed with anecdotes which could be a lot longer. He seems almost embarrassed to share his personal details, and yet his words need to emphasise the emotions and bitter sweet comedy that are contained in his choice of songs.

The performer’s presence portrays a poignancy that is palpable as he delivers songs that convey the pain of lost innocence and lost love.

Loki’s transition from private boy’s school to carnie needs more elaboration. Somewhere there is a message that needs to be delivered more strongly. A young gay boy meets carnival meets accident is barely touched on. Yet a vibrant young man sits in a wheel chair covered in tattoos emphasised by a white singlet on a hot summer’s night. There is a drama here to be shared if desired.

Music is the healing source, the passion that seems to drive this performer’s edict “to thine own self be true”. His song choice ranges from a moving rendition of Save the Last Dance to an ironic and humorous Way Ahead of My time.

Loki is joined on stage by musicians and singers Charlie Sanders and Jamie Jewell in what he calls his Chorus of Love. His Wasn’t it Good duet with Jamie Jewell was one of the highlights of the night.

This show may not have the hype and the pyrotechnics of the huge television show, but nevertheless with a confidence boost to overcomes his nerves, this performer’s X-factor is likely to create a following all of his own.

Loki Rickus

Venue: The Lounge - Feast Hub (Light Square, Adelaide)
Dates/Times: November 23, 24 and 25 at 10:30pm
Bookings: FEASTIX | www.feast.org.au

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