Sexy Feelings | Deanne SmithShe’s diminutive. She’s a Justin Bieber look-alike. She is a Lesbian comic. She tells jokes and sings ditties on a ukulele. DeAnne Smith is hilarious.

Much of her material is uproarious, and much is also subtly extremely clever. Either way, Smith is quick-witted, engaging and enthralling for just over an hour in her Sexy Feelings show at Adelaide’s Feast Festival. She quickly establishes a rapport with the audience with her boyish charm and mischievous sense of humour.

Why label Smith as a Lesbian comedienne? Why not label her as a Canadian or some such other title? The answer is that many of her jokes are aimed solely at Lesbian relationships. Her publicity blurb cites a "cult dyke following". It also states, quite aptly, that this will not last for long. Her appeal is universal. However, it must be said that a straight white male would probably be lynched if using the same material. Somehow this pint-sized humorist gets away with fearless humour.

Dressed in jeans, shirt and tie she exudes boyish charm as she lampoons a variety of topics. This offbeat comic doesn’t miss a beat.

Yet relationships, whether straight or gay, are the running gag. All relationships have the same emotional threads running through them and herein lays the strength. She is naughty but she is honest. As such Smith’s appeal is to anyone who can see the funny side of the ins and outs of personal relationships. This is a comedy show for anyone who has ever had “sexy feelings”.

DeAnne Smith
Sexy Feelings

Venue: Feast Festival Hub, Light Square, Adelaide
Dates/Times: 17-21 November, 2010 at 9pm

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