42a | Alison CurrieLeft photo by Edwin Comey. Cover photo by T Hoskin

Integrating dance, sculpture and a range of multimedia from video and sound, 42a invites the audience to be a voyeuristic presence in this gallery performance.

Created by Adelaide choreographer Alison Currie, 42a explores a myriad of objects found or related to the house and home. The exhibition is a collaborative piece that includes the work of Adam Synnott, Kel Mocilnik, Annemarie Kohn, Kel Mocilnik and more.

Upon arrival, a floorplan of the exhibition, mirroring an apartment space, is provided. The audience is then welcome to explore this ‘home’, or rather, to observe this lively living area.

42a is not quite theatre; more like a pleasantly playful breathing installation. The audience can choose to stay as long as they want. Here, you may anchor emotions to having seen objects that play a particularly personal part in your own home. At other times, a slight tickle from the artwork that has interpreted TV dinners literally, with tongue-and-cheek effect.

There is something charmingly amateurish about 42a that in no way demeans the unique creativity that drives it. The highly interactive piece of work appears to be in performance mode at all times of its opening hours. You may find an artist tweaking his or her own installation, a modern dancer twirling past, kinetic floral wallpaper projected on a wall, and even the audience becomes a part of the show. Aside from observing the space, one can also enjoy the space as it captivates and enhances the feelings of familiarity and casualness found at home.

42a is an experimental artwork that draws the quirky from the familiar, the dynamic from the mundane, and the appreciation of the everyday. Take your shoes off and have a bit of a wander around 42a.

Alison Currie

18–25 September
Opening night: 6pm, 18 September
Monday–Friday 10am–4:30pm, Saturday 2pm–5pm
Level 2, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane
07 3002 7100 or www.metroarts.com.au

29 September–2 October
Opening night: 6pm, 29 September
Wednesday–Saturday 12pm–6pm
116-118 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills

Fortyfive Downstairs
12–23 October
Opening night: 6pm, 12 October
Tuesday–Friday 11am–5pm, Saturday 12pm–4pm
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


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