La Petite Mort | Ladies Who LoungeEveryone asks performer Isabel Hertaeg about the spelling of La Petite Mort. Rest assured, that’s how the French spell it, ungrammatical as it appears; contrary mongrels that they are. I would like the delectable and dimpled Isabel herself to be more contrary – La Petite Mort is in its sixth season and Hertaeg is a little too comfortable in her role.

Performance-wise (not in song, where she is sublime), she is almost, but not really, going through the motions. The girl has a voice to die for and relishes each number of her eclectic repertoire but her actual in-between bits veer somewhere between the persona of Meow Meow (in the opening especially) and a saucy drag show where she isn’t quite saucy enough. The spoken material, although a bit much for three matrons the night I was there, is neither new nor shocking and I couldn’t help but feel Hertaeg is holding back for fear of offence. The ridiculousness of the snippets, curiosities and medical oddities she shares are ripe for some real (and vicious) deconstruction. Honestly, the girl could just sing and you would be transported but her real cabaret/comedy voice is ahead of her. There are some utter and unusual treats in this show – wild and funny songs like Birth Control and Beer, Did I Shave My Legs For This, and the opening number, Sex With the Devil.

Go further, Isabel, meet the songs, break some rules – you know you want to!!!

Ladies Who Lounge Presents
Isabel Hertaeg

Venue: Theatre Works | 14 Acland St, St Kilda
Dates: 23 Sep - 2 Oct 2010
Tickets: $25 Full / $20 Conc
Bookings: 03 9534 3388