What is This Thing Called...? | Bronwyn BaudThis woman is just a delight. An absolute songbird with a voice that is fine and silken; she hits every note perfectly; her singing simply thrills. To be able to just sit and be carried away by a seemingly effortless and poignant rendition of some of world’s most beautiful songs … there is nothing more to ask of a night’s entertainment.

Musical theatre has something of an image problem in Australia and doesn’t have the same traction here as it does in the States – over there the names of Gershwin, Bernstein, Hammersmith and Sondheim are engraved into the cultural consciousness of theatre lovers throughout the land. It is almost as though here we don’t trust ourselves with musical theatre unless we’re seeing the biggest most mainstream of shows or satirical comedies about politicians or sports stars. Which is a shame, because musical theatre can be every bit as textured, layered, ambiguous and moving as anything on stage. The songs that come out of the great tradition of the Broadway musical have their own rightful place in the hearts of their audiences. But no need to miss out, go and see Bronwyn Baud in the small but perfectly formed Butterfly Club theatre and indulge in a night of nostalgia and beauty. It is downright refreshing to be entertained and have your heart’s worn little threads pulled by some pure old-fashioned love songs (along with some surprisingly rude ones!). To be reminded of just how gorgeous song can be is soothing and damn good for the soul; the complexity, however, melodic, lyrical, and especially emotional, of many of the numbers Baud sings is impressive (Send in the Clowns would have been a nice addition, if only to hear it sung superbly for once). Baud offers a good range of well-known favourites (where you go ‘ahhhhh’ and sway just a little) from Cole Porter, Lloyd Webber, and Rodgers and Hart, as well as lesser known songs from the likes of Sondheim and Gershwin.

With Baud you get to enjoy a show by someone who is every bit a classic star of the stage without having to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the privilege. A Melbourne girl who spent long years in the UK enjoying a serious career (she played Mary Magdalen in Jesus Christ Superstar in London’s West End; need we say more?), Baud is making a most welcome sort of comeback. The Butterfly Club’s resident pianist Trevor Jones accompanying Baud brings a cheeky charm and presence all of his own to the night; it’s always nice to see him.

Go along, hear some divine singing and enjoy the uniqueness of The Butterfly Club. What Is This Thing Called...? is a total treat.

The Butterfly Club
What is This Thing Called...?
Bronwyn Baud

Venue: The Butterfly Club | 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne, Victoria
Dates: Thursday 26 August to Sunday 29 August
Times: Thurs to Sat at 7.00 pm, Sun at 6.00 pm
Duration: 60 minutes approx
Tickets: $30 full / $25 concession
Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com

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